Sunday, October 02, 2011

Our invite is ready


  1. To attend the re-launch party either register with the group on the Join Us page or send an email to

  2. hi guys thanks for the invite I have been a member of Nudu for 2 years we were advised they would provide you with our email address. sadly I cannot attend the relaunch I work on Saturdays maybe there will be a later function I can attend

    john Osborne

  3. An early member of this group wishes the club a FAB time on the 20th anniversary.

    I have great memories of fun times at the club - events at my place and events at other guys places, plus events out. I remember the boating day on Sydney harbour and stopping at ? Reef beach to swim. This was all in the period prior to 1994 when I moved to Brisbane.

    Stay happy Rod and all the guys

    Phil Browne