Monday, October 26, 2020

Cobblers Beach Day

For those of us enduring the second wave of winter weather, we hope you are finding some joy in it!

The Weather Network has forecasted that next Sunday should be mainly sunny, 25C and only a 10% chance of, Want to meet at the beach?

WHEN - Sunday 1 November, 11am-after 2pm
WHERE - Grassy area at Cobblers Beach, end of Middle Head Road, Mosman
WHAT - Social get-together for up to 30 of us at one of Sydney's official clothing-optional beaches

BYO - Food, drinks, towel, sunscreen, sunnies, hat, facemask, sanitiser, wipes (no sharing, please)

RESTRICTIONS: Maintain social distancing of 1.5m No sharing of food, drink, etc Maximum of 30 (see ** below) Please cancel if you have had any COVID-19 or cold/flu symptoms during 17 October-1 November Please cancel if you have had any contact with a person with COVID-19 during 17 October-1 November (If you wander off into the 'cruising' area, please remember that 'no means no')

RSVP - Required by clicking on the link below.  After registering, if you then find that you are unable to attend, please email so a person on the waiting list can be invited.


DIRECTIONS Bus 245 from Wynyard to Balmoral Naval Hospital (HMAS Penguin) Drive along Middle Head Road and park in one of the carparks after the roundabout near Balmoral Naval Hospital (HMAS Penguin) Continue along Middle Head Road past Middle Head Cafe, then left into Cobblers Beach Road (it's a dirt track) to the end.

**The following are from NSW Government Health: "From Friday 23 October 2020,  up to 30 people can gather in an outdoor public place." "The 4 square metre rule does not apply to premises that are places of residence. "Up to 20 visitors may visit another household at any one time. (A member of the household is not counted as a visitor.)"

VENUES If you could consider hosting 10-20 visitors in your household, PLEASE email us at or chat to one of us.  We are able to provide whatever you need, including: set-up, curtains, security, check-in, organisation, supplies, greeting guests, reimbursement of expenses incurred, clean-up, etc. Jerry, Vlad, Michael, Chris

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