Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sunboys Spa Party / Pot Luck Dinner

Sydney Sunboys will be visiting our mates, Reymon and Shaun who will be hosting the group at their home near Campbelltown.
Note that space is limited so please register here:

This will be a pot luck dinner event (everyone contributes to dinner). Only bring a plate of food that would serve a max of 3 people. Please let us know what you are bringing so we can ensure that we get a spread of food types.
There will be a fee of $10 to cover the costs of the event.

Date: 19 August 2012
Time: 2pm to 7pm
Location: near Campbelltown - 45 mins from city OR Minto train
Address: provided after registering here.
Bring: Towel, Pot Luck Plate

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