Sunboys History

Sydney Sunboys was started in a terrace in Surry Hills late 1991. After travelling extensively in Europe and North America in the late 80's I 'discovered' gay nudism. It provided an avenue to meet friends who generally have no issue with body image. So when I returned to live in Australia in 1990 I asked myself why are there none here. I collected a group of friends together to host the first event and it has been a life long experience since then. Many of the original Sunboys are still around and still avid nudists and still some of my best friends.
The scene evolved many times in Sydney with several offshoots developing. The most successful of these are Gay Sydney Nudists which still operates, Gay Naked Buddies (founded by Andi and now closed), NudeDudes or NuDu for short (founded by Robbie and Paul and had a very successful 2 year run). Outside Sydney there have at various times been other groups: Melbourne Sunboys, Auckland Sunboys, Brisbane Sunboys.