Here are a some of our friends:

Naked Man Events is a community not for profit group. We organise and promote naked events including camping, retreats and workshops. We are interested in bringing gay and sexually diverse men together for enjoyable, inclusive, community based events.

Our events are professionally run with the intention of being safe, fun and respectful. We also want to promote other like minded events and activities. Find NME event information here.

ADELAIDE: Nude Guys Club is a group for guys who enjoy being nude together and meet for various social events throughout the year.

If you like being nude and have no where to be naked, this group is for you!

The group is open to gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men from all walks of life, any shape or size and from all ethnic backgrounds over 18 years of age.

Revelwood retreat in the Byron Bay hinterland offers a beautiful escape in sub-tropical rainforest setting. Your hosts Wayne and Chris will pamper you so you can relax and unwind.

Cairns Sunboys is a nude social group based in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Join a friendly group of men for an afternoon of relaxed nudity. If you're passionate about being nude yet have nowhere to be naked... or even if you're a little nervous about being naked around other men, this nudist group is for you.

Hang Out Nude . Com

Nude beaches in Australia 

These seem to be an ever changing feast. We have lost a few over the years sadly. Many others are considered unofficial nude beaches and thankfully many have  a legal status.

A reasonably complete list can be found here

MELBOURNE:  NUDIES REVOLUTION is unlike any nudist community in Melbourne. We are the younger sibling that likes to cause a bit of mischief.
Our aim is to create a safe, relaxed, hassle-free and open environment where everyone is welcome, no matter their age, sexuality, gender or background. We want to involve those who have been nudists all their lives, or who might have started exploring nudism recently, and even those who have never tried nudism before. 
We will be creating pop-up events in and around Melbourne throughout the year. Stuff that you wouldn't normally do naked. We aim to push the boundaries and challenge ourselves and those around us. And we want to have fun, too.
NUDIES is a volunteer based community group, and we're always looking for people to lend a helping hand or offer ideas for events. Find Nudies on Facebook