Sunboys is a group for men who like / want to explore being naked with other men in a non-sexual environment.

Sunboys was founded in 1991 by Rod and two other friends at terrace in Surry Hills. More history can be found here.

Currently we are hosting events about 8 times per year. This includes pool parties and spa parties and trips to bush retreats and beaches.

We are group of nudists who like to socialise naked. If you are coming for sex then please dont.

Nudity vesus Naturist?

Naturist enjoy a nudist lifestyle. Nudity is not compulsory; that is why the term "clothing-optional" exists. Clothing has its purposes - warmth and protection. Many Naturists feel more comfortable wearing some clothing while participating in active sports, but many activities - especially swimming - can be much more comfortable and enjoyable without the confinement of clothing. While many of us prefer to be nude as much as possible, we also accept that appropriate clothing is necessary to protect from sunburn, cold weather or the hazards of rough work. Sunboys events are held naked! Sunboys events are held NAKED! 

Does Social Nudity Excite Sexual Desire?

A body does not automatically become sexual by the mere act of removing one's clothing. Although sex is natural, sex is not equated with naturism. Sexual intent requires deliberate sexual action - choice making behavior - by one who would have sexual interest. Naturists, as a group, have the same sexual responses as everyone else, but they know that the practice of Naturism proves that the naked human body is not intrinsically erotic. Because Naturism satisfies our natural curiosity about the human person of both sexes and all ages, it makes social poise easier rather than more difficult and relaxes social tensions. "But, what if I get an erection?" you ask.

Why Join Sunboys?

Whether you enjoy living your life as clothes-free as possible or just enjoy an occasional skinny-dip at either the nude beach or a secluded pool, joining Sunboys opens up the possibilities of a whole new life style. The pleasures of camping, swimming, sunbathing, sports, and the feeling of closeness with nature are greatly increased when done in the nude. The joys of this is all increased when shared with others. Social nudity breaks down self-consciousness and barriers of class, education, religion and race between people. Sunboys is made up of a diverse group of guys representing a wide cross-section of the population.

Why be nude?

Our Answers. Some rather convincing reasons why you're onto something good

Non-nudists (textiles) often ask; "Why would you take off all your clothes in front of other people and run around naked?" Well, we don't just run around naked, and there are a lot of good reasons we prefer to be nude. The obvious reason that first pops into my mind is "Nude is natural and more comfortable!", but comfort is only one of the many benefits of nudism.

This story is devoted to building a list of the benefits to living the nudist lifestyle. If you know of a good benefit to being nude that we've missed out, then please send it in for inclusion in the next newsletter.